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TUNE IN: APPLE PODCASTS  |  SPOTIFY  |  STITCHER From December 2013 through January 2017, Deborah served as the 23rd Secretary of the United States Air Force with responsibility for 660,000 military and civilian personnel and a budget of nearly $140 billion. She was the second woman to ever lead a military service in the United […]

Aim High and Mentorship with Deborah Lee James


TUNE IN: APPLE PODCASTS  |  SPOTIFY  |  STITCHER Julie Curtis is the founder and CEO of Connected Alliances – a business which focuses on problem solving and scaling solutions into the DoD System.  Prior to starting Connected Alliances, Julie was Vice President of Business Development and Strategy for DoD contractor and Vice President of Global […]

Behavior and Innovation with Julie Curtis


TUNE IN: APPLE PODCASTS  |  SPOTIFY  |  STITCHER Experience Breeds Confidence and there is no other person to discuss this than COL (Ret.) Stu Bradin.  He is the President and CEO of the Global SOF Foundation.  He was born into an Army family then retired as a U.S. Army Special Forces colonel in May 2014 […]

Experience Breeds Confidence with Stu Bradin


TUNE IN: APPLE PODCASTS  |  SPOTIFY  |  STITCHER Warrior’s Edge was created by Dr. Jannell MacAulay. She is a combat veteran who served 20 years in the US Air Force as a pilot, commander, special operations consultant, and professionalism instructor. With her innovative leadership style, she was the first leader to introduce mindfulness as a […]

Mindfulness and Warrior’s Edge with Dr. Jannell MacAulay


TUNE IN: APPLE PODCASTS  |  SPOTIFY  |  STITCHER The Leadership LENS Framework was born by merging the worlds of creativity and leadership. As an Air Force Logistics Officer and photographer I am a leader and a creative. In my opinion, these two things are one in the same and I have discovered a way for […]

The Leadership LENS Framework


TUNE IN: APPLE PODCASTS  |  SPOTIFY  |  STITCHER Today is our first-ever episode of The Leadership LENS Podcast. To kick it off both myself and my executive producer Jondavid DuVall wanted to “formally” introduce ourselves and what you have to look forward to on the podcast: season 1, mini series, and special guests.  MEET YOUR […]

Behind the LENS with Monique and JD

TLLP Episode 1 Feature